The Scholars’ Fund

Academic Excellence

The Scholars’ Fund

Elevating Academic Excellence at Midleton College

At Midleton College, we believe that the foundation of a great education lies in the quality of teaching and the richness of the learning experience. The Scholars’ Fund was established to ensure that our students and teachers have access to the best resources, innovative teaching methods, and a broad curriculum that prepares students for the future. By supporting The Scholars’ Fund, you are investing in the intellectual growth and academic success of our students.


Enhancing Teaching and Learning

The Scholars’ Fund focuses on several key areas to elevate the educational experience at Midleton College:

  1. Integration of ICT in Education

    • Equipping classrooms with advanced information and communication technology (ICT) to enable novel and progressive learning methods. This includes infrastructure to support student devices, ensuring seamless integration of digital tools that facilitate dynamic and engaging instruction.
  2. Curriculum Development

    • Expanding our curriculum to include new and emerging subjects that reflect the changing world. Current initiatives include:
      • Design & Communication Graphics
      • Computer Science
      • Politics & Society
      • Physical Education at Leaving Certificate Level
    • These subjects are designed to equip students with critical skills and knowledge that are essential in the modern world, from technical proficiency to an understanding of societal structures and physical well-being.
  3. Learning Support Department

    • Ensuring that the Learning Support Department is equipped to meet the needs of all learners. This includes providing resources, specialised staff, and tailored programmes that support students with diverse learning needs, enabling them to achieve their full potential.
  4. Extra-Curricular Excellence

    • Supporting a wide range of extra-curricular activities that provide students with opportunities to develop skills outside the traditional classroom setting. This includes:
      • Hockey, Soccer, and Rugby: Enhancing our sports programmes with better facilities, coaching, and equipment.
      • Drama and Music: Funding productions, music lessons, and performance opportunities that foster creativity and self-expression.
      • Debating and Public Speaking: Organising events and competitions that encourage critical thinking, confidence, and articulate communication.


Join Us in Fostering Academic Excellence

The Scholars’ Fund relies on the generous contributions of our community—parents, alumni, and friends of Midleton College. Your support will directly impact our ability to offer a diverse, dynamic, and high-quality education to our students.

By donating to The Scholars’ Fund, you are ensuring that Midleton College remains at the forefront of educational innovation, providing our students with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

For more information on how to contribute to The Scholars’ Fund and support our mission to deliver exceptional education, please contact the Midleton College Foundation. Together, we can make a significant difference in the academic lives of our students.


Through The Scholars’ Fund, we are investing in the minds of our students and the future leaders of our society. Join us in our commitment to academic excellence and help us create a brighter, more educated future.

Donate to the Scholars' Fund

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Tax Benefits for Donations

Contributions of €250 or more in a year are eligible for tax relief, allowing your donation to go further. To enable Midleton College to avail of this benefit, simply complete and return a CHY3 form to us, which covers a five-year period. This allows us to claim an additional 31% on your donation amount from Revenue, significantly increasing its impact. For more information and to download the form from the Revenue website, please click here.

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