Transition Year

Midleton College Transition Year

Transition Year (TY) at Midleton College


Transition Year (TY) at Midleton College is a significant and unique one-year program that promotes the personal, social, vocational, and educational development of students. Serving as a bridge, TY prepares students to make the leap from Junior Cycle’s more dependent type of learning to the independent, self-directed learning environment of Senior Cycle.

Aims and Objectives

TY focuses on:

  • Education for Maturity: Emphasizing social awareness and competence.
  • Education through Experience: Experiencing adult and working life for personal growth.
  • Skill Promotion: Encouraging general, technical, and academic skills, with an emphasis on inter-disciplinary and self-directed learning.

Additionally, it provides opportunities for students to discover their interests, passions, and aptitudes, guiding their decisions for their Leaving Certificate and nurturing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.


The TY program at Midleton College is led by the acting TY coordinator, Mr. Eoin Whyte, and assisted by the Assistant TY coordinator, Ms. Jennifer McGrath.


Classes and Students

TY typically consists of approximately 90 students, including international students, divided into four Form groups: 4e, 4o, 4x, and 4y. The class groups are purposefully mixed, distinct from the Junior Cycle, to broaden social interaction.

Program Components

The TY program at Midleton College comprises several facets:

  1. Core Subjects: Yearlong subjects, including English, Irish, Maths, Modern Foreign Language, History, Geography, PE, Computers, and Career Guidance.

  2. Sample Subjects: Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, Business, Music, HE, Art, and Design & Communication Graphics.

  3. Optional Modules: Students choose two for the year from Horticulture, Sports Coaching, Cookery, Performing Arts, Applied Art, Exercise, Applied Music, Programming, and Enterprise.

  4. Rotating Modules: Six-week subjects like First Aid, Psychology, Chinese, and Politics.

  5. Co-Curricular Trips & Activities: Various trips and activities, such as Geography Field Trips, Mini Company Trade Fair, Ballymaloe House & Gardens, and Cork Film Festival.

  6. Activities: These are one-off experiences like Work Experience, TY wars, Driving School, Gaisce, Charity Work, Lifesaving, TY Surf Trip, and many more.

  7. Tours: Including an optional skiing week in Ehrwald, Austria, and the Kilfinane Outdoor Education Centre.


Transition Year at Midleton College is more than just a passage between educational stages; it’s an exploration into diverse fields and self-discovery. With an expansive curriculum, hands-on experiences, and well-structured modules, TY fosters comprehensive development. Under the guidance of experienced educators like Mr. Eoin Whyte and Ms. Jennifer McGrath, students are encouraged to delve into different subjects, interact with a wide range of classmates, and prepare for the future with confidence and competence. This enriching year at Midleton College truly is an unmissable opportunity for growth and preparation for life beyond school.