Midleton College Wellbeing

Wellbeing Policy Introduction at Midleton College

Ethos & Mission Statement

Rooted in Midleton College’s mission statement and ethos, the Wellbeing Policy is designed to embrace an ecumenical and inclusive approach that encourages a small, familial, diverse learning community. The school aims to foster a modern, innovative, and outward-looking environment, striving for continuous improvement.

Guiding Principles

Inclusive and Diverse Community

Reflecting the school’s ecumenical ethos, the Wellbeing Policy emphasizes inclusivity and diversity, ensuring all students, regardless of their background or belief, are valued, respected, and included.

Holistic Development

Beyond academics, the policy underscores a commitment to students’ overall development, encompassing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing, in line with a liberal arts and sciences curriculum.

Respect and Care

Building on the school’s focus on respect and care, the policy aims to create a nurturing environment that promotes student wellbeing and fosters relationships based on mutual respect.

Support and Encouragement

Aligned with the ethos of support and encouragement, the policy seeks to provide individualized care, helping students realize their worth and potential, building resilience, and empowering them to cope with challenges.


The policy accentuates collaboration with teachers, parents/guardians, and the wider community, acknowledging that wellbeing promotion is a shared responsibility.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

The wellbeing plan is oriented towards continuous growth, modernity, and innovation, ensuring responsiveness to the evolving needs of students and the community.


In recognizing the complexities of modern life, Midleton College is dedicated to fostering students’ resilience, optimism, and adaptability through a comprehensive Wellbeing Policy. This policy extends across the entire educational experience, guiding students in their physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.

The approach is anchored in national guidelines and enriched by the Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice 2018–2023, embracing a multi-component whole-school strategy. The focus areas include culture and environment, relationships and partnerships, policy and planning, teaching and learning, and continuous evaluation.

The policy also emphasizes the importance of the quality of relationships between teachers and students, as highlighted by philosopher Nel Noddings, reinforcing that educational efforts must be directed towards maintaining and enhancing caring.


Midleton College’s Wellbeing Policy is a comprehensive and compassionate roadmap that reflects the school’s unique ethos and mission statement. By living up to its guiding principles, the school demonstrates a profound commitment to student wellbeing, embodying an inclusive, supportive, and innovative approach that goes beyond academics to ensure students’ complete development.

For further insights into specific aspects of the policy, refer to the detailed sections on Digital Wellbeing, Staff Wellbeing, Support Systems, Wellbeing in Assessments, and other specialised areas.