Senior Cycle

Senior Cycle

Senior Cycle at Midleton College

Established Leaving Certificate Program

Midleton College offers the Established Leaving Certificate program, allowing students to choose up to 8 subjects to study intensively over two years.

Subjects Offered

The subjects offered in the Senior Cycle at Midleton College include, but are not limited to:

  1. Irish (Iri) – A vital subject reflecting Ireland’s heritage.
  2. Mathematics (Mat) – Foundation for various disciplines.
  3. English (Eng) – Enhancing literacy and comprehension skills.
  4. French (Fre), Spanish (Spa), German (Ger) – Providing a range of language options.
  5. Business (Bus), Economics (Eco), Accounting (Acc) – Courses for business-minded students.
  6. History (His), Geography (Geo), Politics and Society (PolSoc) – Understanding human history and society.
  7. Chemistry (Che), Biology (Bio), Physics (Phy) – For those interested in sciences.
  8. Design (Des), Music (Mus), Art (Art) – Catering to artistic talents.
  9. Physical Education (PE), Home Economics (Hom), Agricultural Science (AgSci) – Broadening the curriculum with practical subjects.
  10. Computer Studies (Com) – Offering technology-related studies.

These subjects are offered at different levels, enabling students to tailor their studies according to their interests and abilities.

Timetable Structure

The timetable displays a robust scheduling system, ensuring that students have consistent access to their subjects throughout the week. This structure enables students to maintain a focus on their chosen areas of study.

Success Beyond School

Midleton College takes pride in the fact that over 90% of its students transfer to Third Level studies in Ireland or abroad. This impressive success rate demonstrates the school’s commitment to excellence and its effective preparation of students for higher education.


The Senior Cycle at Midleton College is notable for its diverse subject offerings, strong structure, and remarkable success in preparing students for further studies. The variety of subjects, including arts, sciences, languages, and social studies, ensures that all students can find areas of interest to pursue. With such a robust program and proven success in aiding students in reaching their chosen paths beyond school, Midleton College’s reputation as a top-tier institution for secondary education is well-earned.