The Heritage Growth Fund

Infrastructure Development

The Heritage Growth Fund

Preserving Tradition, Building for the Future

Midleton College, standing proudly on the same site since its founding in 1696, is a testament to the enduring legacy of educational excellence and community spirit. The main school building, completed in 1717, remains at the heart of our campus, surrounded by a blend of historic and modern structures that reflect the school’s growth and evolution over centuries. The Heritage Growth Fund is dedicated to the continuous development and preservation of our campus, ensuring that Midleton College remains a vibrant and inspiring place for learning and growth.

Honouring Our History

Midleton College has developed its infrstructure over the year including the Jameson Science Block, the Cairns’ playing fields, the Colton Building, modern boarding accommodations, and the Trevor West Sports Hall. These facilities have been pivotal in providing a comprehensive educational experience for our students. The Heritage Growth Fund aims to build on this legacy, honouring our history while looking forward to future developments that will enhance our campus.

Current and Planned Developments

The Heritage Growth Fund supports a variety of exciting projects designed to improve our facilities and create new opportunities for our students and community. Key initiatives include:

  1. Swimming Pool Cover

    • Plans are underway to cover the Ron Little swimming pool, allowing it to be used year-round. This facility will not only benefit our students but also serve the local primary school and community, fostering a spirit of shared resources and communal engagement.
  2. Chapel in Iconic Old Potato Shed

    • Transforming the historic potato shed into a beautiful chapel, creating a serene space for reflection and spiritual growth. This project will preserve a piece of our heritage while providing a new venue for gatherings and ceremonies.
  3. New Teaching Area

    • Developing additional teaching spaces to accommodate our expanding curriculum and growing student body. These modern facilities will provide a conducive environment for innovative and effective learning.
  4. New Rugby Pitch

    • Constructing a new rugby pitch to support our thriving sports programmes. This development will enhance our athletic facilities and provide students with more opportunities to engage in physical activities and team sports.
  5. New Music Facilities

    • Expanding and upgrading our music facilities to nurture the creative talents of our students. These new spaces will support a variety of musical activities, from lessons and rehearsals to performances and productions.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

The Heritage Growth Fund relies on the generous contributions of our community—parents, alumni, and friends of Midleton College. Your support will directly impact our ability to maintain and enhance our historic campus, ensuring that it remains a dynamic and inspiring place for future generations.

By donating to The Heritage Growth Fund, you are helping to preserve the legacy of Midleton College while supporting its continued growth and development. Together, we can create a campus that honours our rich history and meets the needs of our modern educational mission.

For more information on how to contribute to The Heritage Growth Fund and support our efforts to preserve and develop our campus, please contact the Midleton College Foundation. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Through The Heritage Growth Fund, we are preserving the legacy of Midleton College while building a future of innovation and excellence. Join us in our commitment to creating a vibrant and enduring educational environment.

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Tax Benefits for Donations

Contributions of €250 or more in a year are eligible for tax relief, allowing your donation to go further. To enable Midleton College to avail of this benefit, simply complete and return a CHY3 form to us, which covers a five-year period. This allows us to claim an additional 31% on your donation amount from Revenue, significantly increasing its impact. For more information and to download the form from the Revenue website, please click here.

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