Midleton College Fundrasing

At Midleton College, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, and commitment to excellence. Our fundraising initiatives play a vital role in ensuring that we continue to provide the highest quality education and opportunities for our students.



Why Fundraising Matters

Fundraising is not merely a means to an end; it’s a demonstration of the collective spirit of our community. Each euro raised represents a vote of confidence in our mission, our educators, and our students. Through fundraising, we are able to:

Enhance Educational Opportunities: Fundraising enables us to invest in cutting-edge technology, updated facilities, and new programs that elevate the educational experience for our students.
Support Extracurricular Activities: Sports, music, arts, and clubs are essential to our students’ personal growth and development. Funds raised ensure that these opportunities remain accessible to all.

Provide Scholarships and Financial Aid: We strive to make Midleton College’s exceptional education available to everyone. Fundraising supports scholarships and financial aid programs that bring the dream of a Midleton education within reach for more families.


Current and Past Initiatives

Midleton College has been fortunate to have a vibrant and active fundraising community. Achievements include:

Resurfacing of Hockey Pitch: Upgrading our facilities to provide top-class playing surfaces.
Building of the Trevor West Sports Hall: A testament to our commitment to sports excellence.
Provision of an Annual Prize for Stage Craft: Recognising and rewarding creativity in the performing arts.
Renovation of the Boarding Accommodation: Enhancing the comfort and living experience for our boarding students.
Supporting the Heritage of the School with the Restoration of the Windows in the Historic Main School Building: Preserving the architectural integrity and historical value of our beloved school.
The Digitisation of the School Magazine Archive: Making decades of school memories easily accessible to our community.



Get Involved

Your participation makes a difference! Whether it’s attending an event, making a donation, or volunteering your time, your contribution is a testament to the shared vision of a thriving educational environment at Midleton College.

Donate Now: Click here to make a secure online donation in euros.
Volunteer: Interested in volunteering? Please contact our fundraising coordinator at or fill out our volunteer form.
Upcoming Events: Stay tuned for our exciting calendar of upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there!



Watch Out for New Fundraising Initiatives!

We are continually exploring innovative and engaging ways to support Midleton College. Keep an eye on this page and follow us on our social media channels for exciting announcements about new fundraising initiatives. Together, we are building a legacy of excellence and creating brighter futures for our students.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to Midleton College. Your generosity truly makes a difference.