Erasmus+ Projects

Erasmus+ at Midleton College

At Midleton College, we are proud participants in Erasmus+, a European Union initiative that aims to enhance the quality and reinforce the European dimension of education by encouraging transnational cooperation between schools, higher education institutions, and other educational organisations. The Erasmus+ programme in Midleton College is coordinated by Ms Melanie Henry.


Erasmus+ 2023/24

Midleton College is thrilled to participate in the Erasmus+ programme with two innovative projects this year, fostering international collaboration and cultural exchange. For further details on the projects below, please contact Ms Henry. 


Project: Herblore across Borders

Our Transition Year (TY) students in the Horticulture Module have the exciting opportunity to engage in a collaborative project named ‘Herblore across Borders’ with Eichendorff Gymnasium Ettlingen in Germany. This project aims to deepen their understanding of horticulture by designing, creating, and cultivating traditional herb gardens. Through this cross-border exchange, students will share progress reports, best practices, and findings, enriching their educational journey with international perspectives.


The highlight of this project is the planned reciprocal visits. Midleton College students will visit Eichendorff Gymnasium from 22 – 29 April 2024, engaging in environmental activities and exploring the local culture with trips to nearby cities. Following this, our German partners will visit Midleton College from 3 – 10 May 2024, continuing the collaborative work on the school garden and experiencing the rich Irish culture and environment. 


Short-term Mobility for Individual Students

In addition to the group project, we’ve secured an Erasmus+ mobility grant for up to 5 individual students studying German in TY and Form 5. These students have the chance to immerse themselves in German school life, language, and culture during a 3-week stay at Eichendorff Gymnasium Ettlingen. The visit, from 22 April to 13 May 2024, allows participating students to engage in the Horticulture project for the first week and then continue attending classes and achieving their study goals for the remainder of their stay.


These initiatives offer our students a unique blend of educational and cultural experiences, fostering personal growth, academic enrichment, and global understanding. Midleton College is proud to be at the forefront of international education through the Erasmus+ programme.


What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is an EU programme that supports education, training, youth, and sport in Europe. It offers a unique opportunity for students, teachers, and institutions to gain new perspectives and bring an international dimension to education. The programme is dedicated to promoting mobility within Europe and beyond, fostering innovation, and contributing to a global community of knowledge and learning.


Our Commitment 

At Midleton College are committed to providing our students with an inclusive, diverse, and dynamic learning environment. Participating in Erasmus+ allows us to extend the boundaries of our classroom to include various cultures, languages, and teaching methodologies. Through this programme, our students and staff engage in learning and sharing experiences with partners across Europe and beyond, which enriches our educational practices and personal development.

Benefits of Erasmus+

Cultural Exchange: Students and staff experience new cultures, languages, and teaching methods.

Academic Development: Access to varied educational resources, curricula, and expertise enhances the learning experience.

Personal Growth: Participants develop invaluable life skills such as adaptability, communication, and independence.

Networking: Building connections with individuals and institutions across Europe, creating opportunities for future collaboration.

Innovation in Education: Sharing best practices and new approaches to teaching and learning that can be integrated into our own educational system.

Visit this page for updates on our exciting Eramus+ projects.