School Self Evaluation

School Self Evaluation (SSE)

School Self-Evaluation (SSE) at Midleton College

School self-evaluation (SSE) is a collaborative, inclusive, and reflective process of internal school review, vital for ensuring quality and improvement within educational institutions. Midleton College has fully embraced this evidence-based approach, focusing on various aspects of teaching and learning to achieve growth and development. The process involves gathering information from various sources, making judgments, and creating action plans based on the evidence collected.


Phases of SSE at Midleton College

  1. First Phase (2012-2016): Concentrated on literacy, numeracy, and another aspect of teaching and learning. During this time, teachers at Midleton College engaged in peer teaching initiatives and post-observation evaluations, reflecting on teaching procedures and students’ learning, emphasizing an evidence-based approach.

  2. Second Cycle (2016-2020): This cycle had an initial focus on planning, with an overview of each subject area requested from departments. This provided a transparent picture of topics covered, benefiting teachers, students, and parents. There was also a focus on formative assessment strategies and the new Junior Cycle.


Recent Accomplishments and Initiatives

The school has recently seen several accomplishments in SSE, with new focuses, including improving feedback procedures. Other key initiatives include:

  • Feedback Procedures: In 2020, feedback was identified as an area for improvement, and strategies were implemented. Two approaches, “Two stars and a wish” and “Improving verbal feedback,” were tried and evaluated by staff and students.

  • Covid-19 Impact Assessment: Surveys were conducted to understand the pandemic’s effects on students, revealing challenges like rebuilding motivation, improving concentration, and reducing screen time. Specific interventions were suggested to bridge the learning gap caused by Covid-19.

  • Communication and Involvement: A new SSE plan was formulated, with a newsletter sent to parents and the website updated with SSE information. The SSE coordinator met with stakeholders to ensure their voices were heard in the plan.

  • Future Plans: Future areas of work include “Reflective Practice after CBA completion,” moving forward from Covid-19, continued work on questioning and feedback, and a focus on well-being, literacy, and numeracy.


Our Self-Evaluation Report and Improvement Plan

The latest self-evaluation report reflects the school’s continuous efforts to assess and enhance teaching and learning. Here are some highlights:

  • Student Preferences: Most students preferred spoken feedback, especially senior cycle students, finding written feedback useful for evidence but desiring a common system across subjects.

  • Staff Insights: A focus group identified mini projects and focus areas for the upcoming year, reflecting the school’s commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Impact of Covid-19: The survey highlighted various challenges following Covid-19, leading to insights into areas for intervention and support.

  • Next Steps: The school plans to implement strategies to maximize student learning experiences and teaching opportunities, focusing on reflective practices, moving forward from Covid-19, enhancing literacy and numeracy, and integrating well-being into the SSE plan.


Community Collaboration

Parents, staff, and the Board of Management are encouraged to familiarize themselves with SSE goals, participate in surveys, and assist in the six-step SSE process. A collaborative approach involving students, teachers, and parents ensures a whole-school perspective on teaching and learning, promoting positive school development and active participation in the process.



Midleton College’s commitment to School Self-Evaluation reflects its dedication to excellence in education. Through continuous reflection, data gathering, and focused action, the school has created an environment that prioritizes growth, adaptation, and community involvement. The comprehensive approach to SSE, including thoughtful planning, targeted interventions, and wide-reaching collaboration, has positioned Midleton College as a leader in educational development and quality assurance.