Midleton College Uniform

Midleton College Uniform Guidelines

Midleton College has a compulsory uniform for all students. The uniform identifies each student and serves as a symbol of our community, reflecting the values and standards of the College. Here’s what you need to know about the Midleton College uniform:

Philosophy and Expectations

Our uniform serves several vital purposes:

  • Promotes Good Behaviour: Wearing the uniform correctly fosters respect, discipline, and attention to detail.
  • Maintains Neatness: It emphasizes the importance of being neat and tidy.
  • Avoids Distractions: A standard uniform prevents unnecessary distractions in the learning environment.
  • Fosters Equality: It unites students and creates a sense of community.
  • Reinforces Pride: Wearing the uniform with respect reinforces pride in the school.

All students are expected to maintain high standards of personal hygiene and ensure that their uniform is neat and clean. Untidy, torn, or frayed clothing is not acceptable. Spare trousers, skirts, and shirts are encouraged for emergencies.

While wearing the uniform, students represent not only themselves but the entire school community. As ambassadors of Midleton College, students are expected to act in a manner reflecting the school’s values, both inside and outside the school.

Uniform Details


Worn by all year groups, it should be removed during class time. Plain navy hat, scarf, and gloves may be worn in inclement weather but removed in class.


Worn for major College events, and during specific terms. It can be worn at other times if desired.


May be worn under the blazer. Hoodies or other tops are not allowed.


For students in Form IV-VI only, it’s being phased out and may not be worn under the blazer.

White Shirt & College Tie

A clean, tucked-in white shirt and college tie covering the top button are expected. A plain white under-shirt is optional.

Trousers & Skirts

Grey trousers or skirts at 32” length or 2” above the knee are required. They should not be shortened or rolled at the waist.

Shoes and Socks

Black leather, dark-soled, low-heeled shoes are required. Grey socks covering the ankles or black opaque tights for girls wearing skirts are necessary.


Conventional, neat styles of natural color. Extreme styles or colors, and 0 or 1 blades are not allowed.

Facial Hair

Students must be clean-shaven.

Piercings & Jewellery

Discrete stud earrings, makeup, and nail varnish are permitted, but excessive jewelry, false nails, and facial piercings are not.

Sports and P.E. Gear

Specific uniform guidelines exist for sports and P.E. Appropriate, modest attire is required, with specific rules for swimsuits and casual wear on school trips.

Additional Items

Requests for additional uniform items for religious or medical reasons must be presented to the Principal. The basic school uniform must always be worn.

Where to Purchase

Uniform items are available from Bertelli Mensware, 64 Main Street, Midleton. To minimize the burden, the College and the PTA hold a second-hand uniform sale annually. All items should be clearly labeled with the student’s name.

Compliance and Coordination

Students will be asked to comply with these rules by all teachers and uniform coordinator, Catriona Hassey. A note to the Form Teacher is required if a student cannot wear the full uniform. The decision of the Principal or Deputy Principal regarding these rules will be final.

Wearing the Midleton College uniform is a privilege and a responsibility. It unifies us, shows our commitment to excellence, and helps create a respectful and focused learning environment. Let’s wear it with pride! If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact the school administration.