Special Educational Needs

Midleton College Special Educational Needs

In Midleton College, effective learning opportunities are provided for all pupils. Diversity of academic capability among pupils is recognised, and the College seeks, within resources, to foster equally the educational development of each person. 


In view of this ethos the Special Education Needs Department was formed in the school and has continued to adapt and grow with a view to enhancing the teaching environment for the students involved. 


With guidance from the NCSE and the Department of Education, our SEN Team facilitates inclusion to our students with SEN.


Midleton College helps with a smooth transition from primary to secondary school following a step by step process for each student involved

  • Opportunity to meet a member of the SEN Team on open day. 
  • Assessment Test in Reading, spelling
  • Meeting with the parents or guardians prior to the commencement of the academic school year where necessary.
  • Close liaison with the primary schools. 
  • Transition Programme with the Incoming Student

 At the beginning of the year, a Student Support Plan is written with specific targets

for each student receiving Learning Support. This plan is reviewed at the end of the academic year.


The students are given the opportunity to access the curriculum using suitable support systems. The level of support can vary from classroom differentiation, which can include team teaching to small group tuition. The mainstream teachers work with the SEN team of resource teachers to ensure that all students are taught in an inclusive educational environment that meets their individual needs.


Applications for assistive technology are made by the school through the NCSE.

The department laptops are used for class work, homework and exams.


Our SEN students are provided with shared or individual centres for ‘In House

Exams’. Our SEN Team facilitates applications for Reasonable Accommodation for Junior and Leaving Certificate Examinations (RACE)