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Alumni Association

Midleton College Alumni Association

Welcome to the Midleton College Alumni Association, a vibrant community of former students who continue to uphold the traditions and values of our esteemed institution. As proud alumni, we are connected by shared experiences, memories, and the lifelong friendships forged at Midleton College.  

Our Mission

The Alumni Association is committed to fostering a strong and engaged alumni network that supports the ongoing excellence of Midleton College. Our mission is to:
  • Connect: Build and maintain connections among alumni through networking events, social media, and other communication channels.
  • Support: Contribute to the current success and future growth of Midleton College through fundraising, mentoring, and volunteering.
  • Celebrate: Honour the achievements of alumni and the rich heritage of Midleton College.

Annual Reunion

Every year, we host a reunion that brings together alumni from various generations. The reunion is a cherished tradition, providing an opportunity to reminisce, reconnect, and rekindle friendships. It’s a time to celebrate our shared history and look forward to the exciting future of Midleton College.
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Get Involved

Being part of the Alumni Association is about more than nostalgia; it’s about playing an active role in Midleton College’s ongoing journey. Here’s how you can get involved:
  • Join the Association: If you haven’t already, join the Alumni Association to stay informed and engaged.
  • Volunteer: Offer your time and expertise to support current students or alumni activities.
  • Donate: Support scholarships, facilities, and other vital aspects of Midleton College through your generous contributions.
  • Stay Connected: Follow us on social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with news, events, and opportunities.

Alumni Spotlight

We are proud to feature stories below of alumni who have made significant contributions to their fields and communities.  

Contact Us

For inquiries, suggestions, or more information about the Alumni Association, please contact the Alumni Coordinator Andrew Levis  at Thank you for your continued commitment to Midleton College. Together, we are not just preserving memories but actively shaping the future.