Subject Departments

Midleton College Subject Departments

Midleton College Subject Departments:

English Department: Focused on literature, composition, creative writing, and linguistic studies.

Mathematics Department: Encompassing subjects like algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and mathematical logic.

Irish Department: Focusing on the Irish language, literature, and cultural studies.

Modern Foreign Language: French (Fre), Spanish (Spa), German (Ger)

Science Department: Science (Sci), Biology (Bio), Chemistry (Che), Physics (Phy), Agricultural Science (AgSci)

History Department: Covering various eras, regions, and themes in history.

Geography Department: Studying physical landscapes, human interaction with the environment, and global phenomena.

Business Department: Business Studies, Business (Bus), Economics (Eco), Accounting (Acc)

Political Science Department: Politics & Society (PolSoc), CSPE (CSPE)

Physical Education Department: Physical Education (PE), Leaving Certificate Physical Education

Social, Political & Health Education Department: SPHE, SPHE-Wellbeing (Well)

Religious Studies Department: Examining various world religions, ethics, and spirituality.

Art Department: Visual Art (Vis), Art, Applied Art

Graphics: Graphics (Gra), Design & Communication Graphics (DES)

Music Department: Including music theory, performance, and appreciation

Home Economics Department: Combining cooking, nutrition, family management, and consumer sciences.

Special Education Needs Department: Providing support for students with diverse learning needs.

Guidance Department: The Guidance Department is committed to helping students with career planning, personal development, and educational guidance. Counselors are available to assist students in making informed decisions about their future, providing support with college applications, scholarships, and personal counseling.