Midleton College Mission Statement

Midleton College is a Church of Ireland, coeducational, Day & Boarding School with an ecumenical and inclusive ethos. It strives to be a relatively small, familial, diverse, learning community. It endeavours to be a school where each student realises their potentials in an atmosphere of respect, care, support and encouragement. Students will leave with the academic, personal and moral qualities required. It aims to foster an environment of continuous improvement and, building on its proud heritage, it looks to be modern, innovative and outward looking school.

Midleton College Ethos Statement

Midleton College was founded in 1696 by Elizabeth, Countess of Orkney, as an independent boys school with a Church of Ireland ethos, and over the years has met the educational needs of many in the protestant community throughout Munster and beyond.

Today the College is a co-educational boarding and day school. The historic links with the Church of Ireland and protestant community of Munster and beyond continue. The ecumenical and inclusive ethos of the Church of Ireland are evident in the diverse College community which includes those of many denominations and faiths.

The Patronage of the College is held in trust by the Board of Governors, two of whom are statutory governors, including the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

The College is valued as a small, familial community. All pupils are encouraged to participate actively and fully in the wholeness of school life. At the heart of College life is each student and his or her educational journey in a well-structured liberal arts and sciences academic curriculum. Effective learning opportunities are provided for all pupils. Diversity of academic capability among pupils is recognized, and the College seeks, within resources, to foster equally the educational development of each person.  The College values our teachers and seeks to resource and support them to provide the highest standard of education in the exercise of their profession.

All members of the College community are entitled to be respected. Equally, all are expected to demonstrate a high level of respect for all others. In the case of pupils, our aspiration is that they will discover and develop their innate, God-given talents and will realize their own worth and potential within an atmosphere of care, support and encouragement. Our goal is that pupils will leave the College equipped with the academic, personal and moral qualities necessary to enable them to take their place within, and ready to make a contribution to, the wider community.

Midleton College has been significantly shaped by its tradition as a boarding school: an environment which provides an enriched educational and pastoral experience for all pupils at the College during a crucial phase of their personal development. A structured year-round programme of extra-curricular activities seeks to provide for the range and diversity of interests and abilities that exists among pupils. Daily assembly (involving prayer, reflection and choral singing) gathers the College as a community and creates the opportunity for the building of spirituality and faith. Pastoral care is provided under the guidance of the Dean of Cloyne. Religious Education and worship are core elements of College life.

Midleton College cherishes the partnerships – with teachers, parents/guardians, friends of the college, the local and wider community – which support the fulfilment of its characteristic spirit and goals. It is a pre-requisite of all appointments (to the Board, the position of Principal, Deputy Principal and all teaching positions) that appointees are aware of the history and ethos of the College and that they also undertake to support its ethos in fulfilling their roles. Likewise, all parents and guardians seeking application to the College on behalf of their daughter/son/ward are required to confirm that they understand and support the ethos of the College as set out in this statement prior to their acceptance of a place within the College.

In 2009, the governance structures were expanded to reflect institutionally the partnership between the school patron (the Board of Governors), the parents and the teaching staff. A Board of Management was elected and appointed. There is also an active Parent-Teacher Association and a Student Council elected by the student body in addition to a panel of prefects elected by staff.

Together, today, as throughout the school’s history, all strive to the school motto Spartam Nactus Es Hanc Exorna, ‘You have a great tradition: live up to it!’