Splash of Gold: Midleton’s Fantastic Four Conquer the Waves

Splash of Gold: Midleton’s Fantastic Four Conquer the Waves

Hold your breath, for a new wave of champions has emerged from the water! Noah, Ricky, Dylan, and Ben – a quartet of aquatic marvels – have rocketed to the pinnacle of Irish swimming, seizing a GOLD medal in the Irish Senior Schools Relay Competition. The individual medley never witnessed such finesse, such fire, such speed!

With a jaw-dropping time of 1:55.18, they didn’t just win; they ruled the waters:

  • Ben, the backstroke dynamo, kicked off a spectacle of agility and grace.
  • Ricky, the breaststroke maestro, danced through the water with relentless power.
  • Dylan, the butterfly sensation, soared and swirled, embodying the very essence of the fly.
  • And Noah, the freestyle virtuoso, brought it all home with a performance that was sheer poetry in motion.

Together, they formed an unbreakable chain, a perfect symphony of strokes, turns, and lunges that made them the fastest individual medley swimmers in all of Ireland.

The triumph didn’t end there. They were so close to a bronze in the freestyle race, missing it by a mere 10 milliseconds. Their performance was not about what was missed but what was achieved. All swam brilliantly, each one a master of his craft.

They were more than swimmers; they were artists painting their victory across the surface of the water, stroke by stroke, second by second. Their dedication, their unity, their skills turned into a golden moment that will be etched in the annals of Midleton College’s history.

Here’s to Noah, Ricky, Dylan, and Ben – the golden boys of the pool! Your splashes were more than a race; they were a symphony of success, a celebration of excellence, a beacon of inspiration.

Well swum, champions! Dive into the future with the same spirit and may your strokes always be golden! 🏊‍♂️🏆🎉