A Fond Farewell: Honouring our Form 6 Students

A Fond Farewell: Honouring our Form 6 Students

Today, we gathered with pride and mixed emotions to celebrate our Form 6 students at their Farewell Ceremony. It was a moment filled with nostalgia, laughter, and anticipation as we looked back on their journey and forward to their bright futures.

This exceptional group of young minds, brimming with talent and ambition, is poised to embark on their next adventure. The Leving Certificate exams await, and we have no doubt that they will approach them with the same dedication and zeal that they’ve shown throughout their time with us.

To our Form 6 students, we send you off with hearts full of gratitude and best wishes. May you find success, happiness, and fulfillment in all that you pursue. 🎓✨

For more glimpses into this special day and to relive some of the cherished memories, please see below for additional pictures. 

Here’s to the endless possibilities that await you and to the remarkable legacy you’ve left behind. Good luck, and fare thee well!