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Student Council

The Student Council, elected each year by all the pupils in the College, plays a meaningful role in supporting the fulfillment of the vision of the College in encouraging pupils to be active members of their communities.

The Council is made up of members from each Form Year - one representative is selected to represent each class group. The pupils are elected at the end of the previous school year and hold office for one year.

The members of the council meet regularly with pupils in their year to find out what issues they would like the council to deal with, they also report back to pupils on the council's progress.

The Chairperson of the Council brings any proposals arising from the meetings to the Principal. The Council is important as it allows students have an input into school life, and the development of school policy in areas, which affect them.
Membership of the Council provides the students with lifelong skills and allows us to make a positive contribution to school life.

Student Council members for 2017 are as follows 



This year's Student Council (not in order): Alice Tierney, Dion Cuthbert, Charley Moore, Becky Opperman, Lara Summers, Alex Moore, Shirley Bailey, Jessie McCarthy, Emily O'Hara, Roisin McCarthy, Briain Baily, Willow Allen, Tessa Houghton Lynch, Tomas Power, Holly Hoban, Robbie O'Mahony, Tommy Cosgrove, Ewan Fane, Maisie Buttimer, Alana Rose Steele, Adam Bailey, Sam Brady and Christa Howard.