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Transition Year

The fourth year of a student's life at Midleton College is the Transistion Year after he/she have taken their first external exam the Junior Certificate Examination

The Transition Year is constantly evolving. The main purpose behind it is to expose students to varying aspects of life that they might not otherwise have the opportunities to experience. While this is the primary objective, it is implemented in such a way as to continue with the student's academic education. Transition Year allows the students to do all the things that the pressure of exams does not allow in other years.

 The curriculum for the year involves all the subjects that are available at Leaving Certificate level. Students get the chance to taste each of these before they have to choose the subjects they wish to study for their Leaving Certificate. Towards the end of the year a number of periods are devoted to guidance concerning subject choices for the Leaving Certificate programme which commences the following academic year and to the options and subject combinations which are available. Next year it is hoped to introduce modules to further broaden the experience of this valuable year. The Transition Year begins with an induction night during which parents and students are given an idea of what activities will be undertaken during the year. A list of some of the activities are shown below.

Towards the end of the year an awards night takes place. This evening provides parents with an opportunity to view some of the work produced during the year and to hear accounts of activities their children have been involved in.

Project Work

Project work is an important part of the year with the following listing some some of the projects undertaken :-

  • Mini Company

  • YSI (Young Social Innovators)

  • Managing School Tuck Shop

  • Gaisce Awards (President's Awards)

  • First Aid Course (Includes Certification-Given by Dr. Chris Bourgeros)

  • Projects on various aspects of Hispanic language and culture

  • Biology : Dissection Project, Ecology and Food Tests

  • History projects

  • General Art

  • Science Practicals from Titration to Paper Planes 

  • History of Mathematics

  • East Cork Science Project Competition run by Millipore

  • Use of trigonometry for Elementary Surveying 



Thanks to the excellent facilities in our IT room we expose our students to a wide range of computer applications. During their Transition Year students will create a computer game which can be further developed into an app (for android or apple). They will also explore how to create apps for the android market.

Work Experience

 Work experience is a central component of the “Transition Year Programme” in Midleton College. Parents' involvement in the placement of their children proved to be invaluable and we are extremely grateful for their co-operation. Following on from the preparatory/job-seeking stage, the students complete two weeks in the work place. The fortnight usually coincides with the Pre-Leaving/ Pre-Junior certificate examinations. Students, with the exception of boar, generally operate from home when on work experience.

The majority of students choose two different placements during the fortnight, but some prefer to complete the two weeks in the one place. Every student, where geographically possible, is visited while on work experience. Each employer is requested to fill out and return an assessment form evaluating the student concerned. The latter on his/her return to school, produces a report outlining his /her own experience in the work place. A further in-depth evaluation is carried out in the classroom immediately  after the completion of work experience.

One of the key aims of the Transition Year Programme is “Education through experience of adult and working life as a basis for personal development and maturity”. Work experience placements are a popular and effective way of meeting this aim


A Drugs Awareness and Prevention Programme

A Drugs Awareness and Prevention Programme is completed during Transition year which features drugs information, assertiveness, development of personal and interpersonal skills and meetings with recovering addicts. 

First Aid and CPR

A ten week course is provided by the Irish Red Cross Society. Certificates will be awarded on completion of written and practical examinations.