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Information Technology

Forms 1, 2, 3 have scheduled IT classes once a week. In Junior Cycle students learn a wide variety of computer applications, including Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Apple's iLife suite (Pages, Keynote). 

In addition, Second and Third Form students are introduced to Digital Media.  They work with images, learning photo manipulation through iPhoto and GIMP, as well as sound editing using Garageband. They are also introduced to 'Computational Thinking', with an introduction to HTML, Blockly and Scratch.

Transition Year students have scheduled IT classes at least twice a week. They continue with 'Computational Thinking', creating games and apps which can be developed and sold to the wider world. They learn how to create arcade games like PacMan and Maze games and discover how to create their own sound effects and images for use in their games.  

The IT facilities are open to all subjects ares, with specialised websites made available to students. Headphones are available for language subjects, where needed. 

The use of computers is fully supervised at all times and there is a strong emphasis on internet safety and awareness throughout the IT curriculum. The computer room is made available in the afternoons during the week to allow students to make use of email, skype and Internet facilities, allowing everyone keep in contact with family and friends.



UCC / Outreach Programmes

A number of Transition Year / Senior Cycle students who particpate in the Munster Programming course at UCC.

The Munster Programming Training initiative, which began in 2004, is designed to encourage transition year students to open their minds to the various areas of comptuer programming and multimedia. The course began with an introduction to C programming and included modules on web design, flash animation and film production. The opportunity has provided the students with an invaluable insight into the growing IT industry. The course culiminates in a graduation ceremony graduated in May.