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Midleton College is a six year school. The range of age of our students is usually from 12 to 18 years of age. During their time with us students will sit two state examinations. The first of these is the Junior Certificate which occurs at the end of their third year.

The College does not have an entrance examination; enrolment is through a process of application and interview. The College Ethos Statement sets out the criteria by which applications are prioritised. In compliance with the College Ethos Statement there are two categories of prioritised applications: those who are members of recognised protestant faith traditions and those who are brothers and sisters of existing pupils.

There are three class groups in each Junior Cycle form year. Classes are not streamed at Junior Cycle. However in 2nd and 3rd year pupils are 'set' in one of three groups in the core subjects of Irish, English and Maths. Pupils may sit a maximum of 11 subjects for Junior Certificate.

Our fourth year is a Transition Year. During this year an academic program is followed but it is also a year in which the broader aspects of a social education are explored. 

The fifth and sixth years in school are spent in preparation for the second state examination Irish Leaving Certificate. The entry of students to third level education is usually based on their performance in this examination. In the senior cycle, the College policy is to have a maximum class size of 20 pupils. Thus a generous pupil teacher ratio is provided by Midleton College.

Small class sizes, within the context of a small total College pupil cohort, are a proven assistance to learning and teaching. Positive and respectful teacher pupil relationships are synonymous with the name Midleton College.

Small class groups allow an easy working environment, maximising each individuals' learning potential in a pleasant atmosphere. The aim of the College curriculum is to offer, within our resources, a broad curriculum that supports the academic and personal development of each pupil to the zenith of his/her abilities.

A learning support programme is provided by the learning support co-ordinator and resource teacher.


Maths Support is open to all students on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4pm to 5pm. Students from all forms, classes and levels are welcome to come and ask for help on questions or topics they have found tricky in class; ask for advice on how to study or what to study, or even just come to a working space to do their homework.

Students can work on their own but are also encouraged to work with other students and help each other.