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Welcome to the Midleton College website.

 Midleton College is committed to fulfilling its vision of the provision of excellence for our students in all we do. Our College is a faith-based, multi-cultural co-educational community. We aim to inspire and challenge our students, regardless of academic capability, to achieve the highest standards they are capable of in all that they do.

Our College is an open, tolerant community where the God-given and natural value of each person is recognized and celebrated as an essential part of the life and energy of the wider College.

We provide a diverse and broad range of academic opportunity for our students. We seek to stretch the most gifted and support the most academically challenged while ensuring that each student fulfills their individual potentiality through the course of their education.

Our academic teaching is based on filtered mixed-ability in Junior Cycle (Forms 1-3) and banded and/or mixed ability in Senior Cycle (Forms 4 -6). Midleton College offers class sizes of 22 or less in Junior Cycle and 20 or less in Senior Cycle, thereby allowing our teachers to focus on the specific needs of the individual students in their class. All teachers have post-graduate qualification and are registered with The Teaching Council of Ireland.

 A range of 18 subjects is offered for Junior Cycle and a range of 20 subjects is offered for Leaving Certificate.

 4th Form also comprises Transition Year during which a full academic programme is maintained, while students also have the opportunity to engage in planned modular and year-specific courses which prepare them for the next phase of their lives beyond second level education. This year includes two week-long Work Experience placements and a week-long stay at an Outdoor Pursuits centre. This year is a mandatory component of education at Midleton College.

Midleton College does not hold entrance examinations and accepts student enrolment without prejudice to Special Educational Needs. The College is proud of each student who completes their second level education here and our aim is that they have a clear understanding of who they are, have confidence in their ability to take their place in the wider world and make a meaningful contribution to it. Typically 90% of students will proceed directly to Third Level education at Degree standard.

We are proud that our students move on into the next phase of their lives believing in their ability to take on life’s challenges and meet them with success.

Our academic programme is extended by a dynamic programme of extra-curricular activities (ECA). This programme, which occurs on a scheduled basis each day through the school year, aims to enhance and inspire each of our students to further their learning and personal development as an integral component of their education. The ECA programme is provided by all members of the teaching staff, with additional external involvement where appropriate.

Boarding is an integral part of the life of the college. Male and female students are accommodated in separate boarding buildings. Teachers provide the pastoral and supervisory care of Boarders, thereby further developing the insight of our teaching staff into the academic and personal needs of each student. The peer friendships that derive from the Boarding experience are consistently described as some of the most memorable and important aspects of the overall experience of students.

The Pastoral well being of our students is paramount in all we do. Our teaching staff is extended and supported by our full-time Guidance Counsellor, our team of qualified Nurses, our administrative, household, catering and grounds teams.

All play their part in ensuring that each student has the opportunity to mature to the greatest extent as a person in a secure and family-oriented environment. Our staffing levels ensure that each student can have the time they need when they need guidance, assistance or inspiration.

We work in partnership with the key stakeholders in the College community. This interrelationship is formally expressed through our Board of Management, the Parent-Teacher Association, The Student Council and the past Pupil Association. Each of these bodies, individually and collectively, work to further advance the quality of education Midleton College provides.