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Swimming Championships
Article Uploaded : 24/05/2022 17:15:55 by Midleton College

Well done to all our swimmers who entered the school's Swimming Championships which took place in the Ron Little pool today. Students competed in various different races, freestyle, backcrawl, breaststroke, and butterfly. The competition was fierce and everyone put in an exceptional effort. 

Well done to Ava Huggard & Noah Switzer who won the Junior under 14 cup. Well done to Ewan Coleman & Maria Aguilar Duran who won the Intermediate cup  Well done to Hailey Figueredo & Ewan Fane who won the Senior cup. 

Special thanks to Hailey Figueredo, Dylan Gunn and Noah Wilson for helping with the running of the event. A massive thank you to Mr Calendar for setting up seats for the event.  Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the event and of course to our own Ms. Farr for organising the event.

Junior Category Jacob Kiely, Jack McDonald, Max Marshall , Ollie Kileen, Ben Coleman, Dylan Gunn, James Law, David Daly , Max Colembet , Bobby Fitzsommons , Elliot, Akhilomen , Sultan Adebayo, Harmony  Gbadamosi, Ava Huggard, Yasmine Ottman , Zara Richardson, Alex Wade, Noah Switzer, Ricky Fane, 

Intermediate Harry Ellis, Harry Fitzgerald, Evan Bolster, Bryan O Mahoney , John Grandon, Ewan Coleman, Sean Connolly, Jude Buckley, Aidan Figueredo 

Senior Category  Hailey Figueredo, Kerrie Fitzgerald, Ewan Fane, Maria Aguilar Duran