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Students travel to US for St. Patrick's Celebrations!
Article Uploaded : 21/03/2013 by Midleton College

On the 13th of March 2013 a group of 11 students from Midleton College Cork Ireland arrived in Newport. There were two Teachers (Mariel Twomey and Cormac Nugent), so the group consisted of 13 people in total. We were kindly hosted by Deanna Casey Conheeney of Hammond Street and Ted & Donna Wrobel of Williams Street. We were welcomed by Mayor Harry Winthrop in O Briens Pub on Wednesday night and began an amazing trip. 
We were hosted in the State House in Providence by Joe Brady, helped by David Kerns. We were fortunate to be able to volunteer at the Middletown Rotary Club’s senior citizens dinner (over 70 seniors) it was amazing. We had Breakfast in IHOP in Middletown and special thanks to the Cardinals for their hospitality. The Discover Newport team Evan, Cathy and Kathryn showed us the sights of Newport.

The St Patricks Day Parade that we marched in was a truly memorable experience and one that the students and myself will never forget. The warmth of the people of Newport who lined the streets, not to mention the vast nature of the floats and groups within the Parade topped all previous experience of parades for all of us. Sister Josephine included us in the masses in St Josephs and St Marys giving another dimension to our trip. Our special friends at Crowleys La Fordge gave us wonderful memories. Special thanks to the AOH for making us so welcome. Linda Motioza and Bob Leary made our experience in Rodgers High School so Memorable. 
Ms Mariel Twomey


A few words from the students:

Aisling O Sullivan : My favourite part of our trip to Newport was the tour around the Breakers, Its such an amazing house I loved it !

Niamh Mac Cormack : My favourite part about the trip to America was definately the hospitality we were shown by everyone we met and the huge welcome we would get wherever we would go!

Ian Keating : The hospitality shown towards us in Newport was overwhelming! Its definately Home from Home now! The food was also amazing!

"Walking in the St. Patricks day parade was one of the best experience of the whole trip!" -Kieran Carew

"The sheer number of the people in the parade, and the music of all the bands really amazed me!" -Jack Cowhig

"The St.Patricks day parade was the best I have ever seen! I can't wait to come back and see it again!" - Rachel Kennedy

"I loved every minute of the experience, especially the brass band that played "Moves like Jagger"" - Jayne Walsh

"An amazing experience and a credit to the people who organised it and lined the streets on the day'' - Olwyn Anthony


Back Row Left to right: Rick O' Neill(City Hall), Mary Leahane, Donal Leahane,Nick Phelan, Ted Wrobel, Donna Wrobel, Deanna Casey, Jayne Walsh, Ian keating, Aisling O Sullivan, Cormac Nugent, Olwyn Anthony,
Front Row Left to Right: Nancy, Joe Brady (State House), Lennie Phelan, Jack Cowhig, Carmela Miguez, Mariel Twomey, Mari Lynch, Rachel Kennedy, Niamh MacCormack, Debbie 

Picture 0633: Back Row left to right: Rachel Kennedy, Heather Greaves, Ian Keating, Kirean Carew, Carmela Miguez, Jack Cowhig, Mari Lynch, Jayne Walsh, Mariel Twomey (teacher), Olwyn Anthony, Aisling O Sullivan, Niamh McCormack. 

Seated: Mayor Harry Winthrop of Newport Rhode Island signing book on the History of Newport from 1600's to date which he presented to the School and also one each to both teachers as well as providing signed programs from the 57th annual parade to all the students. 

Standing Left to Right: Mariel Twomey, Kirean Carew, Carmela Miguez, Mari Lynch, Niamh McCormack, Aisling O Sullivan, Jack Cowhig, Cormac Nugent, Olwyn Anthony, Heather Greaves, Jayne Walsh, Rachel Kennedy

Front Row: Ian Keating and Glenn Cardinal (owner of IHOP)

From left to right: Mari Lynch, George Jones (Grand Marshal 57th Newport St Patricks Day Parade), Ian Keating, Carmela Miguez, Cormac Nugent (Teacher), Olwyn Anthony, Kieran Carew, Jack Cowhig, Aisling O Sullivan, and Niamh MacCormak.

From left to right: Olwyn Anthony, Heather Greaves, Carmela Miguez, Rachel Kennedy, Kieran Carew, Cormac Nugent (Teacher), Jack Cowhig, Aisling O Sullivan, Niamh MacCormak, Mari Lynch and Mariel Twomey (Teacher), and Ian Keating.