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Spanish Trip update
Article Uploaded : 26/09/2019 18:11:37 by Midleton College

This week in Spanish classes, (pitched at B1, in the Common European Framework of Linguistic Assessment) from 9.30- 1,00 everyday, Midleton College students have been learning Radical Changing Verbs, the Present Perfect tense, Past Participles and in the Preterite/Past Simple tense, learning the regular conjugations and the rather challenging numerous irregular forms. Also, students have been learning Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns and learning the placement of them, when preceding the verbs and when following the Gerund form.   In the oral, communicative Spanish classes, students have been talking about food, professions, school and holidays; role playing dialogues in job interviews and completing work related questionnaires using the set phrases, expressions, vocabulary and colloquialisms.
Tomorrow after Spanish class, Asunción, the Mester Academic Director of Studies will present the diplomas and certificates to the students. 
This afternoon, students have been perfecting the steps in salsa dance and learning how to make the perfect Spanish Omelette, as instructed by Chema. (more pics in gallery)