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PTA Information Evening
Article Uploaded : 25/01/2013 by Midleton College

 The PTA information talk last night was a great success.  John Wills, Education Business Development Executive from Banardo's kept us well entertained and informed on understanding Social Networks and how to keep our children safe from Cyberbullying on the Internet.  We had a good turnout of 65 parents, guardians and friends of the college.  
The PTA would like to thank Mariel Twomey for supplying the information booklets and for the kitchen staff for the welcoming tea, coffee and biscuits on offer. We would like to thank Finbarr Kenneally from TOUCH OF PRINT for doing such a great job and for supplying us with a state of the art PTA NOTICE BOARD, which we will be using to welcome visitors to our school and announcing PTA functions.