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Article Uploaded : 14/09/2016 23:27:15 by Midleton College

The annual PTA AGM is due to take place on Tuesday 20 September at 7.15pm in the Assembly Hall

(refreshments will be available on arrival from 6.45pm – 7.15pm)

Following this a presentation will be delivered by Gerry Duffy a professional speaker in the areas of Goal Setting, Motivation, Leadership and Personal Development.


See below for more information on both the PTA and Mr. Gerry Duffy


Information about the Midleton College PTA

The aims of the Midleton College Parent Teacher Association (MCPTA):

The MCPTA shall provide the structure through which parents/guardians/teachers of pupils attending Midleton College can work in co- operation with each other and the Board of Management:

 Support the ethos and policies of the College

 Promote the interests of the pupils

 Promote involvement of parents and teachers in all aspects of school life which will support pupils, parents and staff

 Ensure the best possible education of the pupils at Midleton College in accordance with  the Education Act of 1998

 Encourage social and other activities among members

 Have the welfare of the entire school community as its main concern

All parents/guardians/teachers are automatically MEMBERS of the PTA while they have a child at the college, or are teaching at the college.

We will be electing new Committee members for the PTA at the AGM and would like to encourage all parents (dads included!) and guardians to consider putting themselves forward to serve on the committee. It is a rewarding and worthy use of your time and talents, and makes your time spent in the Midleton College Family very worthwhile. The time commitment requires you to attend a PTA meeting once a month (during term time). The first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the School Library, and the meeting is generally finished by (the latest) 9.30pm. There are a number of events that the PTA participate in, namely the Christmas Fayre, Christmas Carols “mulled apple juice and Christmas pie reception”, PTA Harvest Fest, PTA Study skills seminar, Governor’s Ball Parents Reception, 2nd hand Uniform Sale and Sports Day.


Election Process:

All current members of the committee will automatically step down and a number of these will seek re-election for the next term however we do need new members to join this year.

The Chairperson will announce the names of people who have put their names forward prior to the meeting, and open up further nominations from the floor. If there are more than 8 names there will be a secret ballot, with forms on each seat where you would be required to choose 8 people. If there are only 6 names put forward, the headmaster will co opt another 2 parents on to the committee.

If you would like to hear more, or you have any questions please contact the current PTA

Chairperson, Colm Long [email protected] 0857102876.  If you would like to nominate yourself please can you email or text Colm Long by Friday 16th September, giving your name, your child’s name and year group. Parents/Guardians, who are interested and would like to be on the committee, please note you need to be at the AGM to be eligible for nomination.


The AGM will be immediately followed by a presentation by


Gerry Duffy of Gerry Duffy Academy

Gerry Duffy is a full-time motivational speaker and author & one of Ireland’s leading ultra-athletes.


Pillars and Strategies to Live a Great Life

In this  minute presentation Gerry will share four pillars to live a most fulfilling life. He will also share a sample of the strategies shared earlier in the day to the exam students of Midleton College a synopsis of which is below :

Exams 2017 : 7 Strategies To Get The Best Results You Can

This keynote presentation will be delivered by Gerry Duffy a professional speaker in the areas of Goal Setting, Motivation, Leadership and Personal Development. In this presentation Gerry will deep dive into the area of how to get the results you are truly capable of. Gerry is known for sharing simple yet powerful daily habits to get you to where you want to go. Clients who have engaged him include Bank of America, Coca Cola, Norvartis Pharmaceuticals, Du Puy, Queens University and University College Dublin.


 Peter Ryan, St Fintan's High School, Sutton, Co Dublin

Gerry came to our school to talk with the Senior students. Just under 200 sat down in a packed out cafeteria armed with pen and paper in hand to take notes. From start to finish I was captivated with not only Gerry's warm infectious personality but also the manner in which delivered his message in a fresh and crisp manner to a young group of men. The general consensus was… “Sir.... That was brilliant!”


John Russell, MD Oakley Ireland

‘Gerry's motivational talk was amazing; in fact it was the highlight of the day. I am getting emails from people since Friday, stating it was the best motivational speech they have ever heard. I think our staff and sales colleagues have been given a major motivational boost that they can strive for. From a personal standpoint it has me majorly pumped to achieve greater things in my working career and personal life. I would highly recommend Gerry for motivational work with any group.’