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Producers comes to Midleton College
Article Uploaded : 18/12/2016 17:13:25 by Midleton College

Excited audiences will be greeted to a fantastic performance of ‘The Producers’ at Midleton College next week. ‘The Producers’, a satirical musical comedy by Mel Brooks, will run from Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st inclusive.

Set in New York in 1959 ‘The Producers’ follows Max Bialystock (a down on his luck Broadway producer). It sees Max Bialystock team up with Leo Bloom (a timid accountant) in a get-rich quick scheme.  They decide to venture into ‘little old lady land’ and raise thousands of dollars more than they need for a production that will be guaranteed to fail.

The result is a hilarious musical about the two producers trying to find the worse show ever to produce! Their formula is to produce a musical named ‘Springtime for Hitler’, when the show flops they plan to retire to Rio with their investors money! Simple! Alas, not everything always works out as planned … and you’ll have to see the show to find out how it all pans out!


The show starts at 7.30 each night with tickets selling at €10 per adult / €5 per child