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Junior Cert Results 2013
Article Uploaded : 11/09/2013 19:28:10 by Midleton College

  In congratulating the Junior Certificate class of 2013 the Principal, Mr Thompson said, 'we were all delighted with this year's results. The College is proud of all of our students, each of whom did well relative to their ability.

The importance of science, mathematics and technology, with additional focus on languages, is a key to future career success. We are focused on ensuring our students have those opportunities. 73% of our students took Honours Maths and 98% took Honours Science, compared to 52% and 79% nationally. 20% of our students now study German, 27% study French and 60% took Spanish, a quantum range ahead of national figures in each case. 70% took Honours Irish and 4 in 5 achieved an Honour C or higher. In English almost 90% are taking Honours papers and getting Honours grades.

History students did their subject proud at a time when some schools are considering its position in the curriculum. 39% of our students attained Honours As, a wonderful result!

All in all the students have good reason to be pleased with their academic achievements. I would like to thank each of their teachers and all of their parents for the professional and pastoral support they received during Junior Cycle. Working together in support of our students we can take pride in what has been achieved.'