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International Day
Article Uploaded : 29/04/2016 17:08:47 by Midleton College

Outline of International Day: Tuesday, May 3rd

8.30-8.40 - Flag Display on the front drive (flags representing the 24 nationalities in Midleton College).

8.50-9.30: Experiencing Japanese Pop Music in R17.

8.50-9.30: Hosting a French Breakfast in R11.

8.50-9.30: Investigating ‘Foreign Trade’ in R12.

8.50-9.30: Mathematicians from around the world in C4 (Form 4 Presentations).

8.50-9.30:  ‘Mini Presentations’ on the cities of Spain in C7.

9.30-10.10: International Students Present Information on their culture, as Gaeilge, in R3. 

10.40-10.50: Officially unveiling the internationally themed recyclable mosaic next to the sculpture garden.

10.50- 11.05: International Themed Food in the Staff Room.

11.05-11.45: Japanese Origami Making in R10 (Form 1x).

11.05-11.45: Talk on the TY Chinese Experience in R7 (Form 1e).

11.05-11.45: Talk on India with Traditional Dress Wear in R8 (Form 1o).

11.45-12.25: Exploring the American Civil Rights Movement in R6. 

11.45-13.05: Authentic Spanish Cooking in C3.

13.05-13.30: International Themed Lunch in the Dining Hall.

13.30-13.35: Spanish Flash Mob.

13.45-14.05: Exploring the European Space Agency in J3.

13.45-14.25: Family traditions from around the globe in R11 (Form 1x).

15.45 - 16.00: Face Painting Country Flags (Preparing for the 5 aside soccer) in the Arches.

16.00-17.00: 5 Aside Soccer Tournament (Spain/Germany/Nigeria/Ireland) on the Hockey Pitch.

16.00-18.00: Virtual 360° Tour of the World in the Computer Room - Using Oculus Rift.

19.00-20.20: Culture Club International Table Quiz, in the Dining Hall.

20.20-20.40: Students’ are welcome to share their traditional foods in the Dining Hall during prep break.