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Indian Visit
Article Uploaded : 08/11/2012 by Midleton College

Indian Visit

On Wednesday the 17th of October eleven girls from Kolkata, India arrived at Midleton College with their two teachers. They came to see how we fundraise for the HOPE Foundation, which cares for the street and slum children in their city. They wanted to use some of our ideas back in India to raise more awareness for the work HOPE does. 

Eva Burke, Kate Fleming, Caoimhe Walsh, Olivia O’Callaghan, Rachel Drennen and Ellen Ryall hosted the eleven girls for their three-night stay.

On Wednesday the 17th they saw an excellent example of fundraising; The Row For HOPE in the school hall. They were very impressed by this unique idea. That night all the girls and their host’s met at Kate’s house, we talked to them about how they helped out with the slum children in their city.

On Thursday a group of 4th form students accompanied by the girls on a trip to UCC, where we got a tour of the campus and two lectures. One was about business information systems and the other was about social work. Both were very interesting. That night the “Irish/Indian Night” was hosted in the school dining hall. Delicious Indian food was served and the Indian girls preformed traditional Indian chants and dances, as well as Jess Knoblauch singing “Hope”, a song she wrote about her trip to Kolkata, we had girls doing Irish dancing, Danny Murphy singing and playing guitar and Sophie O’Keefe singing and playing piano. It was overall an extremely enjoyable night, thank you to the chefs for the amazing food and to everyone who supported the night.

On Friday we went on a tour of Ardmore, we took a walk along the cliffs and saw St. Declan’s Well. On Friday night the group met up in Ellen’s house and enjoyed our last night with out guests learning about the differences in our cultures and the similarities.

 On Saturday morning we met at Cork train station and waved the girls off. It was a really worth-while enjoyable trip and we learned a lot about Calcutta and the Indian culture and they learned about our culture too.

Thanks to Mr Preston and Mr Thompson for organizing it.

Elen Ryall 4E

(See photo gallery for pics)