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Holi Fest 2022
Article Uploaded : 11/05/2022 22:13:00 by Midleton College

Today we hosted our first Holi Fest in three years. We had a fantastic response from our students with numbers attending far surpassing previous years.

We’d like to express a sincere thankyou to those who supported our cause.  Any monies raised go to the Hope Foundation and more specifically towards the night ambulance, which is sponsored by Midleton College.

The Hope Foundation is dedicated to the protection of street children in Kolkata with their interests spreading from protection homes, vocational training centres, Creches, drugs rehabilitation and sponsored children within the school system. The night ambulance delivers much needed medicine to street people that are unable to obtain medicinal help elsewhere. The service runs seven days a week in response to those in need. It attends to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and medical needs.

Kolkata was hit particularly hard during the Covid Pandemic and our contributions today will go someway to continue.  A sincere thank you to all who’ve supported us today and these past years. (Pics in gallery)