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BT Young Scientist SUCCESS!!
Article Uploaded : 13/01/2017 by Midleton College

Some FANTASTIC news just in!! Cathal and George won first place in the Senior group for Biological and Ecological in this year's BT Young Scientist competition ..... They also won a special prize from the veterinary council for their project 'Foal sickness containment and prevention'. Pictured below are the boys on receiving their prizes. A fabulous achievement for the boys AND the Science Department.


Their Project: 'Foal Sickness Containment and Prevention'

An early detection of foal sickness is the foal is not suckling from the mare. The lads have made a sensor to detect the presence of the mare's milk on the mare's leg. It is a pH sensor, once the sensor detects the milk it sends a message to the person looking after the foal indicating the foal is not drinking from the mother and in turn the foal is at risk to illness. This project is hoping to miniaturise the sensor so it can be attached to a strap that can be place securely to the mare's leg.