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Art Exhibition 17 November
Article Uploaded : 04/11/2015 14:56:11 by Midleton College

Dear parents and guardians,

A fourth form mini company are hosting an art gallery event on Tuesday the 17th of November. It will take place in the dining hall from 19:00 to 21:00 PM. 

Students parents and teachers are invited to submit photographs and pieces of artwork for display on the evening. A suggested price from the artist will be displayed on their submission and the artist will receive 70% of the profit made. One euro from every piece submitted will go towards a mental health organization. 

This event is going to be hosted during mental health awareness week to promote the idea of a good mental well-being by expressing oneself through art. 

It will be a calm environment where food and drinks will be provided. There will be a two euro door charge per person. 

We hope you attend the event and participate if you wish. 

Regards from Sophie, Katie, katherine and Ómaí.