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AIB Build A Bank Challenge
Article Uploaded : 10/01/2020 by Midleton College

Today a group of TY students launched this year's school bank. Jonathan, Conan, Alex, Paul, Aaron and Kian will be taking part in the AIB Build A Bank Challenge. Their theme for the year is "Monopoly", where they will incentivise students to save their money by moving them along the Monopoly board and when students land on the "chance" square, they are in with a chance of winning different prizes.

Today saw a huge number of students come to take forms to sign up, with the first five students receiving a cupcake from Messy Buns. The bank will be opening every Friday at 1.15 in C1. Once students return their forms and receive their cards, they can start bringing in money to the school bank. A representative from AIB will be with the bank team and will securely bring that money back to the AIBand lodge it into the students accounts for them. This is a great way for students to become financially independent, keep their money secure, and is also a great way to save money. We hope to see more students join in the week's to come.