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Enrolment Policy


This Enrolment Policy should be read in conjunction with the Ethos Statement of Midleton College and the College Code of Behaviour. 



In order to comply with statutory requirements, the enrolment of a pupil at Midleton College takes place in six stages. The stages are: 

(i) Notice of Intention to Apply 

(ii) Open Day 

(iii) Formal Application 

(iv) Meeting with the Principal or his/her Representative 

(v) Offer of a Place 

(vi) Acceptance of a Place 

Only applications on the approved forms will be eligible for consideration. All applicants for 1st Form must have attained their 12th birthday by 31st December in the year of enrolment. 


(i) Notice of Intention to Apply 

  • The process begins by completing a Notice of Intention to Apply form. 
  • Parents or guardians should contact Midleton College and request a Notice of Intention to Apply form (NOI) as soon as practicable; ideally no later than 31st July in the year preceding the proposed admission (14 months prior to the proposed start date at the College). 
  • A non-refundable Registration Fee of €90 per application should be returned with each submitted NOI along with a copy of the candidate’s Birth Certificate. 
  • The College will issue a written receipt for a completed NOI. 
  • It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to notify subsequent changes of address or other contact information to the College. 
  • See Application Forms Here:


(ii) Open Day 

  • Each parent or guardian and the applicant pupil, on whose behalf a NOI was completed and returned to Midleton College, will be invited to attend an Open Day at Midleton College in the year preceding the proposed admission.
  • This is an informal opportunity for the families to view the College campus and meet with staff members. 


(iii) Formal Application 

  • During September in the year preceding enrolment, those who have returned a NOI will be sent an Application Form For Admission. 
  • The Application Form For Admission should be completed and signed for return to Midleton College along with a copy of the candidate’s most recent school report. Only applications which have been fully completed and signed will be considered. 
  • Completed and signed Application Forms (accompanied by the relevant documentation) should be received in the College Office by the 30th September in the year preceding the proposed enrolment. 
  • Submission of an Application Form is not a guarantee of a place at Midleton College. 


(iv) Meeting with the Principal or his/her Representative 

  • Upon receipt of the Application Form, each family is invited to visit the College to meet with the Principal or his/her Representative. This meeting is optional. But where parents/guardians choose to avail of this meeting, the applicant must also attend. 
  • All family meetings with the Principal or his/her Representative will have concluded no later than 1st December in the year preceding the proposed enrolment. 
  • All applicants will have had an opportunity to visit the College and/or meet with the Principal or his/her Representative at this stage. 
  • Late applications are not generally considered during the course of the school year, but may be dealt with on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Principal. This discretion will apply, for example, in the case of a family relocating. 


(v) Offer of a Place 

  • The Board of Management of Midleton College will respond to all applications as soon as practicable after 1st December, but not later than 21 days after the conclusion of stage (iv). Notification in writing of the Offer of a Place will be posted to all successful applicants accompanied by a Pupil Registration Form. 
  • A waiting list may be drawn up comprised of applicants not offered places at this stage of the process. The waiting list does not carry forward from one year to another. 
  • A subsequent review of a decision by the Board of Management may be requested, generally only on the grounds of additional information not previously submitted at the time of application. Such applications will be considered at the next meeting of the Board of Management. 
  • In accordance with Section 29 (1) (c) of the Education Act 1998, the parents or guardians of an unsuccessful applicant may appeal the decision to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Skills. 
  • While Midleton College is committed to meeting the identified requirements of applicants who have a disability or who have other special educational needs, the College reserves the right to enrol such applicants only in cases where it is satisfied, having regard to the resources available to
  • Midleton College at the time of application/proposed date of enrolment, that the provision of education appropriate to the applicant’s abilities and needs is practicable. (Ref: Education Act 1998 section 6 (a) and (b) and section 9) 


(vi) Acceptance of a Place 

  • Applicants who are offered a place at Midleton College are required to enrol within two weeks of the offer of the place by completing and returning the Pupil Registration Form. 
  • A non-refundable Deposit of €500 is payable upon formal acceptance of a place for an enrolling applicant. This Deposit will be credited to the parent or guardian account in June of the year of the pupil’s completion of 6th Form at Midleton College. At that time, any outstanding costs will be deducted and any balance returned. In accepting a place in the College, parents or guardians are also acknowledging their on-going liability for the payment of fees to provide for their child’s education. 
  • In the case of withdrawal of a successful application, the Deposit remains non-refundable. 
  • Completion and return of a Pupil Registration Form together with payment of the Deposit guarantees a place at Midleton College for the specific year of application/offer. 
  • At the time of enrolment, parents or guardians are required to declare that they have read and understood both the Ethos Statement and the Code of Behaviour for Midleton College, and that they undertake to support the College in their implementation. 



The Board of Management will, in the light of sections 6 (e), 9 (m) and 15 (2) (d) of the Education Act 1998, give consideration to the following factors: 

  • Whether an applicant and his/her parents or guardians are sympathetic to the ethos and traditions of the College. 

  • The number of available places in the College, which in turn involves: 

  • the number of pupils expected to leave the school 

  • the deployment of teachers 

  • the resources of the school 

  • the balance between boarders and day pupils 

  • the nurturing of the international dimension of the College. 

  • Religious denomination (as outlined below) based on the foundation and Ethos Statement of the College. 

  • Whether an applicant is a sibling of another pupil already attending the College, or is the child of a past pupil, a member of the College staff or a member of one of the College Boards. 

 In relation to religious denomination, the following priority is followed: 

(i) Students who are members of the Church of Ireland or are members of Protestant churches traditionally served by the College; or where their parents are members of one of those churches. 

(ii) Students who are adherents of other Christian denominations. 


Ethos Statement for Midleton College

Midleton College was founded in 1696 by Elizabeth Villiers, Countess of Orkney, as an independent boys school with a Church of Ireland ethos and over the years has met the educational needs of many in the protestant community throughout Munster and beyond.

Today the College is a co-educational boarding and day school. The historic links with the Church of Ireland and protestant community of Munster and beyond continue. The ecumenical and inclusive ethos of the Church of Ireland are evident in the diverse College community which includes those of many denominations and faiths.

The Patronage of the College is held in trust by the Board of Governors: two of whom are statutory governors, including the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.
The College is valued as a small, familial community. All pupils are encouraged to participate actively and fully in the wholeness of school life. At the heart of College life is each student and his or her educational journey in a well-structured liberal arts and sciences academic curriculum. Effective learning opportunities are provided for all pupils. Diversity of academic capability among pupils is recognized, and the College seeks, within resources, to foster equally the educational development of each person. The College values our teachers and seeks to resource and support them to provide the highest standard of education in the exercise of their profession.

All members of the College community are entitled to be respected. Equally all are expected to demonstrate a high level of respect for all others. In the case of pupils, our aspiration is that they will discover and develop their innate, God-given talents and will realize their own worth and potential within an atmosphere of care, support and encouragement. Our goal is that pupils will leave the College equipped with the academic, personal and moral qualities necessary to enable them to take their place within, and ready to make a contribution to, the wider community.

Midleton College has been significantly shaped by its tradition as a boarding school: an environment which provides an enriched educational and pastoral experience for all pupils at the College during a crucial phase of their personal development. A structured year-round programme of extra-curricular activities seeks to provide for the range and diversity of interests and abilities that exists among pupils.

Daily assembly (involving prayer, reflection and choral singing) gathers the College as a community and creates the opportunity for the building of spirituality and faith. Pastoral care is provided under the guidance of the Dean of Cloyne. Religious Education and worship are core elements of College life. 
Midleton College cherishes the partnerships - with teachers, parents/guardians, friends of the college, the local and wider community - which support the fulfillment of its characteristic spirit and goals.

It is a pre-requisite of all appointments (to the Board, the position of Headmaster, Deputy Principal and all teaching positions) that appointees are aware of the history and ethos of the College and that they also undertake to support its ethos in fulfilling their roles.

Likewise, all parents and guardians seeking application to the College on behalf of their daughter/son/ward are required to confirm that they understand and support the ethos of the College as set out in this statement prior to their acceptance of a place within the College.