The Long Goodbye: Ray Power
Article Uploaded : 10/09/2018 by Midleton College

Ray St John Power retired this summer, having devoted 35 years of service to Midleton College.  Ray was a fantastic teacher, a gifted rugby coach and a great colleague.

In the classroom, he was a formidable presence. He inspired many students to pursue a career in the sciences through his mastery of Biology and integrity as a teacher. He leaves behind a vibrant department and a brilliant legacy of academic achievement.

As a rugby coach, and lifelong  fan of the game, Ray inspired generations of students to adopt the sport as their own. He successfully coached several JCT teams to victories to  the Mungret Shield and more recently we saw the senior team triumph in the Mungret Cup. Ray also helped organise and took great pleasure in the biannual senior rugby tour.

As a long standing TY Form Teacher, he guided thousands of students through the important gateway into senior cycle. With the right mixture of kindness and firmness, he helped to instil in them a sense of purpose and direction as they moved onto the important next phase of their young lives.

Ray exuded a quiet authority in the staffroom. His reassuring voice and practical advice helped many new staff members settle in. His strong work ethic, love of teaching and the respect and kindness he showed to all members of the College community, made him a role model for any new teacher.

Ray embodied all of the virtues that makes Midleton College the dynamic institution it is. Outstanding teacher, dedicated Rugby coach, Pastoral roles as residential member of staff and form teacher, Innovator, especially in the area of IT to name but a few. He was instrumental in the design process for many of the school’s buildings, including the Jameson Science block, The Colton building and the new Sports hall and an integral part of the team for each of those projects. He is a modern day renaissance man in the true sense of the word. He has more than earned the reward for a long and happy retirement. We wish him well and urge him to keep in touch with his many friends within the school community. He will be sorely missed and we wish him every happiness in the future.